Long term sauna benefits and sauna weight loss treatment

Published: 23rd November 2011
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The traditional Finnish sauna (also known as the rock sauna) usually takes about 30 minutes to heat up the sauna environment. This process of steaming detoxifies the body by removing excess body fat and toxins through sweat or urination. Sweat glands and skin pores open up, and the unwanted wastes come out of body through those pores.

This process will clean the body (which is why many users feel light after the sauna treatment).

Sauna weight loss treatment is one of the reasons far infrared saunas have become such a huge success. In traditional saunas, the heating process takes time and many products are involved in the process of heating up. However, in the modern far infrared sauna, the heating process is over within 20 minutes.

The Importance of Fluids During Treatment

Fast heating is one of the major advantages in the far infrared sauna benefits. The sauna weight loss treatment through the infrared sauna will help you sweat and perspire faster than you can usually do in a traditional sauna. You will be able to lose a minimum of four or five pounds every sitting. Since, you lose a lot of liquids during treatment; you need to drink lots of water in order to regain the water content in the body. This is an ongoing procedure where the more you drink water, the more fluid there is available to assist in the removal of toxins from your body. These wastes are the result of:

1. Improper food
2. Unhealthy lifestyle
3. Less intake of water
4. Acidity
5. Indigestion

Steaming will help you perspire and melt away those wastes in your body.

How Sweating Helps You Lose Weight

LuxSauna Reviews determines with available medical proof that if you sweat more, you lose more. Studies reveal that a moderate person can sweat off close to 500 grams during sauna weight loss treatment. This means that you donít have to run for two or three miles to lose those calories or grams. This happens with the usage of the far infrared sauna on a regular basis. This is one of the major sauna benefits and why every spa has steaming as a sauna weight loss treatment.

Many people do workouts and other cardio exercises to lose weight and maintain a fit body. LuxSauna reviews observe after these workouts, if the body gets a steaming, the same people can lose out on extra calories. This steaming also helps as a relaxation technique after a great workout.

LuxSauna Reviews Other Benefits of Sauna Weight Loss Treatment

Sauna benefits donít just revolve around weight loss, but also different benefits that improve other physical conditions. Apart from weight control, the far infrared sauna also conditions cardiovascular activity. For most people, exercising is not their cup of tea. And for some, exercise is impossible due to body structure or physical ailments. Saunas help each one of these exceptions in losing the extra calories through steaming. There are many activities that help person lose up to 500 calories a day, such as:

1. Swimming
2. Rowing
3. Walking
4. Jogging
5. Cycling
6. Golfing
7. Bowling
8. Playing tennis or badminton
9. Chopping wood
10. Running

These activities help a person lose a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 500 calories in a day. However, these exercises, if done excessively, will lead to body pains, sprains and strains. To overcome these pains, you can take the help of the LuxSauna sauna and see the difference for yourself. Even without these exercises, you can lose the same amount of calories with the far infrared sauna.

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